Robert Szostek

Consultant Team Lead

Rob joined MITC in 2007 as a Help Desk Software Consultant. Over the years, Rob has worn many hats at MITC before arriving at his current role of Consultant Team Lead, including in Project Management, Software Design, Quality Assurance, Marketing & Help Desk.

As a Consultant Team Lead, Rob works with his team in helping providers evaluate and select comprehensive solutions to address their workforce management needs, as well as managing existing customer accounts. Rob and his team’s responsibilities include hosting meetings to establish specific goals & priorities for new or additional solutions, providing relevant resources, information & pricing, and reviewing progress throughout customer implementations.

Rob holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Psychology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). Outside of work, Rob enjoys traveling (both domestically & internationally), attending live music events, snowboarding and taking on woodworking projects. Rob currently resides in Baltimore with his wife and Frenchie Zed.