MITC is a leader in agency and contractor software solutions

Since 1990, MITC has provided agency and contractor specific software solutions backed by world-class implementation, integration, project management, customization, and support services. MITC is an affordable software system that can help you overcome the challenges facing your organization and streamline procedures to boost operational productivity.

Thousands of managers and employees use MITC to streamline administration, control payroll costs, reduce overtime, reduce compliance risk, and enhance customer service. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees, MITC has flexible and scalable solutions to address your needs.

Customer Locations

USA: MITC supports customers in all 50 states, with Pennsylvania being the state with the most!

International: MITC supports customers across the globe in Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland.

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Customer Testimonials

“MITC has made us more efficient administratively — we can put more dollars into direct supports for the individuals instead of hiring additional back office staff. We can manage same functions electronically and spend the dollars we would have spent on administrations on programs for individuals.”

“I can’t express how much better your system is. MITC just does So much more than other systems I’ve seen. There are ways to use MITC that may seem unconventional, but support has helped us figure out exactly what we need and how to use what we already have to meet those needs.”

“Prior to implementing MITC, everything was on paper. It previously took at least a full day for two of us, but that doesn’t include the calculations done before it got to us. Now it takes an hour to check everything for 115 employees and less than 4 hours total.”

“We’ve been extremely happy. We’re excited about moving forward with more modules.  The quality of service as far as people has been great. There is always someone at MITC who absolutely knows what they’re doing and is friendly and happy to help and just helps us gets the job done.”

“Payroll is much faster with MITC. We are able to adjust time & attendance throughout the pay period, rather than just trying to jam it all up at the end and get everything finished in three days. Accuracy is much better because we don’t have to do many manual calculations.”

Market-Specific Solutions

Agencies today are beset with a host of new problems, such as higher turnover, rising payroll costs, restricted funding, unfunded mandates, new regulations, and growth in HCBS and managed care. Designed for providers serving I/DD and behavioral health communities, MITC Agency Solutions support all the needs of agencies. Get time & attendance, EVV, scheduling, service documentation, HR, payroll and billing integration, and more in one system.

Every contractor wants their company to be more effective, more productive, and consistently deliver great customer service. To achieve this, managers need smart, affordable technology that helps them do their job better. MITC Contractor Solutions delivers your managers all the real-time information they need on time and attendance, no shows, schedules, PTO and FMLA requests, absenteeism, work orders, inspections, post notes, equipment records, training, and more.