Solutions for Agencies in Oregon

In Oregon , providers are using Agency Workforce Management solutions to help oversee a wide range of tasks. MITC works with agencies providing adult foster homes (AFH), residential treatment facilities (RTF), residential treatment homes (RTH), secure residential treatment facilities (SRTF), in-home support, respite, supported living, community development, employment services, and other services for individuals with developmental disabilities or behavioral health needs in Oregon .

What’s Going On In Oregon

Major Medicaid Cut: As part of the USDOJ Performance Plan with Oregon, procedure code H2023 (Supported Employment) can only be used by IPS Supported Employment (SE) providers, and only for specific mental health diagnosis. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) updated the fee-for-service claim system to allow providers to bill for this code only for IPS SE diagnosis codes. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) will require each coordinated care organization (CCO) to submit a self-assessment of how the CCO meets the federal mental health parity requirements outlined in 42 CFR § 438, 440, 456 and 457.

This self-assessment will be a review and analysis of the CCO’s policies, procedures and utilization data, similar to the mental health parity demonstration that has been required for commercial health insurance lines of business since 2013.

Oregon Health Authority Director Lynne Saxton said the state does have approval of the federal government for its haphazard re-enrollment process, which should be finished by 2017. But new deadlines from the governor merely affirm the schedule Saxton has outlined; As they jump through a difficult re-enrollment process, 147,000 Medicaid members have been caught outside coordinated care organizations with little access to care, which could cause the state and CCOs to lose $200 million per year in Medicaid funding, mostly from federal sources.

Oregon Health Authority Policy Keeps Medicaid from CCOs – Only 15 percent of Oregon Health Plan income-based members have seamless coverage at renewal time.

Rep. Cedric Hayden wants to pull enrollment from OHA and give it to DHS, and require that lapsed members be put immediately back into the CCO that was serving them; An audit by the Oregon Secretary of State’s office found that health officials may not have adequately checked to see if people met Medicaid requirements before enrolling them in health plans. But the health authority says the audit missed key context, including a federal waiver governing Medicaid renewals.

As of June 30, 2017, Oregon will reduce the current number of adults in sheltered, the number of hours adults are working in sheltered workshops; As of July 1, 2015, Oregon will no longer purchase or fund workshops placements for transition-age youth and working age adults.

Oregon Billing Integration

Our software can integrate with MMIS (Medicaid Management Information System), EDMS (Electronic Document Management System), Provider Web Portal, eXPRS (express payment and reporting system) billing, and any other billing system, providing automatic claims submission and electronic remittances.

State Associations

MITC has been supporting agencies in Oregon since 2005. Agency Workforce Management is proven to work for providers in Oregon that are members of the Association of Community Mental Health Programs, Community Providers Association of Oregon (CPAO), and the Oregon Resource Association (ORA).

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