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In Kansas, providers are using Agency Workforce Management solutions to help oversee a wide range of tasks. MITC works with agencies providing community services & programs (CSP), home health (HH), supported independent living (SIL), Work Opportunities Reward Kansans (WORK), supported employment, intermediate care facilities (ICF), specialized education, psychiatric residential treatment (PRTF), intensive behavioral supports (IBS), service coordination, supported family living, infant toddler, adult residential & day, and other services for individuals with developmental disabilities or behavioral health needs in Kansas.

What’s Going On In Kansas

Managed Care (KanCare): Kansas has a privately managed Medicaid program called KanCare. This program that allows three private insurance companies to administer their Medicaid program under a 5 year “waiver.” This 5 year waiver is set to end December 2017, but Kansas filed for an extension. Federal officials approved this request for an extension May 2017.

More agencies than ever are looking for affordable workforce management solutions to find ways to reduce administrative costs during the transition to managed care. Managed care will make life difficult for Chief Financial Officers and Chief Information Officers.  CFOs and CIOs have to reduce costs, but their workforce may already be lean, and their budgets for productivity-improving IT investments may be shrinking.  However, significant cost reductions can be achieved by deploying workforce management solutions that focus on labor costs and administrative overhead, typically an agency’s largest expense.

Kansas Billing Integration

Our software can integrate with KMAP (Kansas Medical Assistance Program Portal), or any other billing system, providing automatic claims submission and electronic remittances.

State Associations

MITC has been supporting agencies in Kansas since 2005. Agency Workforce Management is proven to work for providers in Kansas associated with the Disability Rights Center of Kansas (DRC), Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns (KCDC), Kansas Council for Developmental Disabilities (KCDD), and INTERHAB.

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