Solutions for Agencies in Arkansas

In Arkansas, providers are using Agency Workforce Management solutions to help oversee a wide range of tasks. MITC works with agencies providing CMHC (Community Mental Health Centers), DDS waiver programs, developmental day treatment clinic services (DDTCS), group homes (ICF/MR), apartment living, work training, therapy, supported employment, employment contracts, and other services for individuals with developmental disabilities and behavioral health issues in Arkansas.

What’s Going On In Arkansas

The Arkansas Department of Human Services announced the implementation of a new Medicaid Management Information System. They have chosen to replace the system they have used for over 30 years with DXC Technology’s interchange MMIS. Arkansas is the 17th state to adopt this platform.

Arkansas Billing Integration

Arkansas is in the process of switching to DXC Technology’s interChange MMIS platform. Our software can integrate with this or any billing system, providing automatic claims submission and electronic remittances.

State Associations

Agency Workforce Management is proven to work for agencies associated with the Arkansas Disability Coalition (ADC), Developmental Disabilities Provider Association (DDPA), Disability Rights Arkansas (DRA), and the Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living (APRIL).

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