Solutions for Agencies in Louisiana

In Louisiana, agencies providing community home, family support, independent living, vocational, job training, in-home care, elder care, personal assistance, and other services for individuals with developmental disabilities are using MITC Agency-Ready Workforce Management solutions to help oversee a wide range of tasks.

Agencies in Louisiana use MITC to manage Time and Attendance, EVVScheduling for Staff and Clients, Service Documentation, Payroll, Billing, and HR.

Thousands of Louisiana Caregivers Verify Attendance Using MITC!

Since the EVV mandate went into effect, MITC has become the #1 choice for agencies required to use Telephone Timekeeping. MITC is the only provider in Louisiana that offers agencies a choice of a cloud or customer-hosted systems, and has proved to be the most affordable and effective option for Louisiana agencies.

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  • Proven to generate savings and productivity gains

    MITC has been supporting agencies in Louisiana since 2007. Agencies in Louisiana have used MITC to reduce direct and indirect costs, ensure compliance, and increase operational effectiveness. To talk with an agency in Louisiana, contact us today.

  • Integration with LAST

    In 2015, MITC was approved for agencies to submit billing to LAST, the front end of the state billing system. Agencies in Louisiana will now be able to use time and attendance data to generate billing authorization, utilization, budget variance, and client profitability reports, as well as streamline their whole billing system and eliminate data entry to LAST.

  • Who uses MITC in Louisiana?

    MITC Agency-Ready Workforce Management solutions are tailored to meet the needs of agencies partnering with DHH and OCDD and working with people with developmental disabilities. MITC Agency-Ready Workforce Management solutions are proven to work for agencies associated with CARSA.