RCPA/RCP-SO & MITC Partnership Announcement

MITC is pleased to announce a preferential buying program for providers that are members of RCPA/RCP-SO interested in implementing an agency workforce management solution.

The agreement has four main components that are all designed help providers acquire the workforce management technologies needed to survive in the future and reduce the cost-of-ownership.

  1. Across the board discounts will be available for RCPA members. Members should contact the RCPA for more information on the discount. This offer applies to customer-hosted and Cloud SaaS solutions.
  2. Additional group purchase discounts are available for organizations coming together and purchasing as one organization. This program is designed to allow organizations to share resources and achieve significant additional discounts. Contact MITC for more details on group purchases.
  3. MITC will certify individual employees working at RCPA member organizations to provide implementation services to help other members adapt the new technology as rapidly and as smoothly as possible. Contact MITC for more details on certification.
  4. MITC will provide group training sessions to further reduce the cost of implementation. The next opportunity is in Reading on April 27th at a Regional Agency Conference co-hosted by Prospectus Berco. The Regional Agency Conferences are day long events (10:00 am – 4:00 pm) that provide in-depth information on how workforce management helps agencies. The event provides training, agency best practices, networking opportunities, discussions of challenges facing Pennsylvania agencies, and a review of the latest workforce management solutions designed for agencies. The cost of the event is $94.00 per attendee. Contact MITC for more information or to register.

Each provider can choose their own mix of solutions, Cloud or customer-hosted. MITC integrates with any payroll software or service provider, including Promise. MITC solutions are highly affordable and are used by many providers in Pennsylvania already. MITC Agency Workforce Management includes these application options in the agreement:

  • Time & Attendance for Staff
    • Web Clock
    • Telephone Timekeeping
    • Biometric or proximity readers
    • After-the-fact staff timesheets
  • Time & Attendance for Clients
    • Door Clock
    • Client Timesheets
    • Group Billing
    • Piece and Production
  • Payroll Rules and Reporting Engine
  • Payroll Integration
  • Billing Rules and Reporting Engine
  • Billing Integration
  • Individual and Group Service Documentation
  • Staff and Client Scheduling
  • Automated Email/Text Communication System
  • HR Manager
  • ACA Manager