Latest Version of Workforce Management Addresses Overtime Concerns

Under the federal rule that went into effect January 1, thousands of Illinois home care workers are eligible for overtime when they work more than 40 hours a week. Still, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner’s administration has said it can’t afford the additional pay without a state budget in place to control spending.

The passage of a new Illinois Home Services Program overtime policy requires home care workers who work overtime to cap their hours to 40 hours a week, unless their patients are approved for overtime beginning March 1. Illinois Department of Human Services says the policy will permit 35 hours of work and five hours of travel. Additionally, patients with service plans that surpass 35 hours are required to hire extra home care workers.

The Illinois Department of Human Services estimates that there are 33,000 active home care workers and more than 27,000 patients in the home services program. Approximately 26,000 of the active home care workers work in any given period. Additionally, data provided to Chicago-based organization Access Living from the Illinois Department of Human Services shows an estimated 6,000 home care providers worked over 40 hours a week at least once between July and December 2015. Many of those are family members who are being paid through the state’s program. It is anticipated that approximately 4,524 patients will have to hire additional home care workers.

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