Lock Out The Competition by Expanding Your Range Of Services

Ever been asked by a customer to provide a service that is not in your regular span of services you normally provide? What was your answer?

  • “We don’t do that.”
  • “I’ll see if we can do it .” OR…
  • “Yes we can!”

Make “Yes, we can!” your company credo. If you can do extra services for your customers, the more difficult it is for you to be replaced. Plus, your company generates more revenue.

So why don’t more contractors say “Yes, we can”? One of the reasons is that contractors don’t have confidence that they have the skills and systems to manage a wider range of services. After all, there is no point generating revenue if you are not going to make a profit. Not to mention, you might jeopardize the account by bringing in a subcontractor.

Most of today’s business owners don’t want to work with multiple companies. Many are wanting to write only one check per month, instead of having to mess with multiple companies, invoices, and checks. They’d rather simplify their lives by focusing their efforts with a single contractor. By expanding the range of services you provide, YOU could be that single contractor!

Many years ago, MITC secured a simple janitorial account. Over the years, this client mushroomed. Obviously you can’t do all the work yourself. Some services may have to be subcontracted. Or you will need to create new teams dedicated to delivering extra services. Either way, you remain the primary contractor and get paid for coordinating the services.

But with expansion opportunities comes risk. That is where an effective Contractor Workforce Management solution becomes essential. To manage growth, especially in new areas, contractors need real-time visibility into what employees and subcontractors are doing. This includes new communication systems for employees, managers, subcontractors, and customers, and scheduling & work orders systems that minimize the risk of anything being missed.

Think about it… you may even get some new clients, as well!

To learn more about how MITC can save you money and grow your business, contact our Contractor Team.