Autism Awareness Month – Show your Support

In the United States, 1 in 88 people have autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to CARD, including 1 in 68 children according to Autism Speaks. While this number may seem high to some, it speaks to the incredibly diversity present in people with ASD.

April was declared National Autism Awareness Month in 1970. Since then, April has been used to highlight the importance of supporting people with autism and educating the public on autism. Participating in Autism Awareness month is easy and can be done by anyone!

  1. See who wore blue! On April 2nd (autism awareness day), individuals and buildings across the nation wore blue in support of autism awareness. To see some of the many, many participants and read stories of support, look for #LIUB (Light It Up Blue) on social media.
  2. Participate in a walk! Autism Speaks is one of the best known national organizations working to promote autism awareness year round. Search their website to find a walk near you!
  3. Learn about local organizations supporting individuals with ASD and their families. All across the nations, local organizations provide supports, events, and services to promote independence, employment, and socialization for people with ASD. You might find out about local businesses hosting sensory sensitive events or support groups. From monthly activity-based socials in Maryland to sensory screenings of new movies in Florida, there are special opportunities available all over the US!
  4. Stay involved! The need to advocate for autism awareness isn’t exclusive to April. Support your community and listen when individuals with ASD and their families tell you what they need. Use your pen and your voice to tell your school board, your representatives, and your friends when necessary. Let’s keep the conversation on ASD awareness going all year long!