Using Tablets to Track Clients for Billing

MITC’s Client Timesheets for Tablets eliminates the costs and risks of using paper timesheets in client piece and hourly work & facility-based programs. With Client Timesheets, agencies can capture client attendance as clients arrive at facility and process for billing in real time. See the infographic below to see how it works!

Using Tablets to Track Clients


Missouri Billing Rounding for EVV Now Available

The next version of MITC for Missouri agencies will support the reporting of extra minutes of service.

Currently, Missouri requires that billing units always to be rounded down to the nearest 15 minutes. This can result in agencies using EVV paying employees for minutes that cannot be immediately billed. However, Missouri also allows those “lost” minutes to be billed at a later date. For example, if a visit is recorded as being 2 hrs 55 minutes, agencies round down and bill 2 hrs 45 minutes (11 units).

This can potentially cost the agency 10 minutes of unreimbursed payroll which, when spread over hundreds of visits, can be significant.

Many billing systems handle this and within MITC Integration the extra minutes are captured. For agencies not using MITC Billing Integration, the new report will track the “missing” minutes.

Payroll By the Numbers

Is payroll your largest expense? Good financial practices identify cost items in descending order for review during a difficult financial times. For service organizations, payroll-related costs should be at the top of the agenda. Check out the Payroll by the Numbers infographic to get a better idea of how inefficient payroll practices can affect your organizations productivity and bottom line.