MITC Announces New Version: MITC RS

MITC is excited to announce MITC RS, available by mid Oct 2014. MITC RS delivers greater productivity and easier-to-use functionality to all MITC Windows users. MITC RS includes:

  • All new menus, buttons and toolbars, operating more quickly and intuitively
  • Automatic resizing of all applications
  • Much bigger, resizable screens for Edit Timecards,
  • Edit Schedules, etc.
  • View more data without scrolling
  • Reorganization of all major data entry forms with new color scheme
  • Direct access from MITC RS to MyMITC and MITC Customer Service Center
  • Automatic news feeds on latest updates and free training opportunities\
  • Employee pictures included as standard on employee main form
  • Automatic data conversion included
  • Compatible with Win 7 & 8

More info coming soon!

Missouri Recent State Budget Cuts

Find Out How to Manage with Less

There have been significant cuts within Mental Health recently. Medicaid providers and Independent Centers are losing funding. In these difficult times, it has never been more important to evaluate how to manage the financial drivers; payroll, billing and related functions.

These free publications can help your agency figure out some ways to do more, with less by tackling the biggest single agency drivers – payroll and billing:

  • Why Agencies Automate Time and Attendance
  • How Agencies Can Avoid Deficits
  • 3 Ways to Reduce Absenteeism
  • Improved Workforce Management Supports Program Goals

The information comes directly from the experiences of MITC agency customers. These publications help you better understand how Agency Workforce Management Solutions can help your agency control costs, boost productivity and comply with regulations.

Mississippi Agencies Can Now Integrate Time and Attendance with Billing

MITC is pleased to announce that Mississippi Medicaid is now accepting and paying claims generated from MITC Time and Attendance.

MITC allows agencies to gain real-time visibility into billing and payroll, maximize the delivery of authorized services, minimize over servicing, and boost productivity by eliminating manual billing and payroll tasks.

Using manual or ineffective systems cost agencies thousands of dollars a year and expose agencies to risks of audits problems and failures. Missed billing, paying for unauthorized services, and tedious billing and payroll procedures all combine to adversely impact agency finances and productivity.

Let MITC help your agency get control of billing AND payroll:

  • Capture billable services in real time
  • Track actual hours v authorized hours
  • Highlight daily under/over serviced clients
  • Generate no-show and unauthorized warnings

Streamline billing

  • Automate rounding and billing unit calculations
  • Report by client, service, and location
  • Report usage, percentage of authorization, percentage remaining, etc.
  • Eliminate billing data entry
  • Export to billing