CFO Reports Savings from New PTO System

The CFO of a human service agency has reported significant benefits from implementing MITC’s PTO system as part of an overall agency workforce management solution.

Self-service has made life easier and allowed employees to focus on more productive efforts. It also enforced consistency and compliance because rules are built into the process. A request for time off can be initiated by an employee, automatically validated against the available balance and advance time rules, and rejected or accepted automatically. An approved request is sent to the employee’s supervisor for approval, validated, and approved or denied with supporting documentation and without any emails or voice messages.

Manual or ineffective PTO systems leak!

Implementing an automated PTO system can prevent employees from taking paid time off they have not earned and/or provided adequate notice for, without a manager having to be involved. This in turn can reduce overtime. Not providing sufficient notice forces schedulers to scramble to find a replacement, making overtime more likely.

Substantial Payroll Reduction Reported

An agency in Minnesota has reported direct payroll costs fell 1-2% per month after successfully implementing MITC Time and Attendance. The agency is now focusing on implementing Advanced Employee Scheduling as part of a total workforce management solution.

The agency serves children and adults with a variety of disabilities, especially those with the most severe and profound disabilities, operating 18 residential homes and an in-home program.

Residential programs tend to have the highest ratio of overtime out of all agency programs. A combination of unauthorized attendance, overlapping shifts, low-level timesheet fraud, and poor scheduling often contribute to significant payroll leakage.

MITC agency workforce management solutions enable agencies to achieve real and permanent savings in payroll as well as eliminating the costs and risks of paper or ineffective systems.