Real-Time Activity Documentation for Tracking Goals and Outcomes

Capture progress notes in real time!

Eliminate paper forms and after-the-fact data entry

Use telephone or any internet-enabled device

Flexible and affordable!

In response to popular demand, MITC Telephone Activity Documentation is being extended to any internet-enabled device. This allows human service agencies to capture case notes, while staff work with clients in real time.

  • Eliminate paper progress case notes
  • Capture progress case notes in real time
  • Eliminate data entry
  • Use PC, tablet, smartphone, cell, or landline phone
  • Use Caller-ID or GPS to confirm location
  • Create user-defined scripts for each client
  • Request Y/N or numeric responses from employees
  • Generate reports documenting services provided by client
  • Track services for as long as provided
  • Minimize risk and quickly comply with audit requests

California Wage Theft Prevention Act

California employers now have additional obligations relating to time and attendance and payroll requiring pay rate notices to nonexempt employees effective January 1, 2012. A similar law went into effect in New York in 2011.

Among the significant Wage Theft Prevention Act (WTPA) provisions are:

  • Track time and attendance on an on-going basis
  • After-the-fact records, even weekly, are not permitted
  • Record how the employee is paid daily
  • Retain time and attendance records for 6 years
  • Provide employees written explanation of how wages are computed
  • Provide written payroll notices for all new hires
  • Provide written payroll notices to ALL employees by Feb 1st each year
  • Notification to employees of any changes within 7 days unless included in their pay statement
  • Collect signatures from all employees annually
  • Increased penalties for violations
  • The language used must be in the language the employer normally uses to communicate with their employees

MITC time and attendance solutions help employers comply with these new obligations and minimize risk.

  • Track time and attendance in real time
  • Retain complete history of all timecards
  • Fully disclose how each payroll check was calculated
  • Provide internet access to employees to check their time and attendance and new payroll rules
  • Automatically generate employee notices
  • Track which employees have returned their signed copy
  • Automatically alert employees who have failed to return a signed copy