New Biometric Fingerprint Reader Proves Popular with Customers

The new MITC biometric fingerprint reader is proving a popular choice with many MITC customers to eliminate any possibility of buddy punching at larger locations with some customers ordering in excess of 30 units.

  • Only $599.00 US
  • Eliminate buddy punching
  • Optionally enter job code at terminal
  • Use Ethernet or USB connection
  • UK pricing available

Deployment options include:

  1. Use standard Ethernet connection and poll over internet.
  2. For locations with no internet connection, poll using a USB key. Requires a physical visit by a supervisor
  3. For locations with a PC or notebook but no internet connection, poll locally using a Ethernet connection.

Job costing/service tracking options include:

  • Create job from fingerprint reader – Use where the location matches the job and all employees are costed to the same job
  • Create job from employee home job – Use where employees share the same terminal but each may be costed to a different job
  • Enter job on terminal – Use where the same employee works on multiple jobs at the same location and only one fingerprint reader is installed
  • Activity tracking within a job is also supported