Telephone Timekeeping – New Security Version

Improve accuracy with employee restrictions.

Minimize the need for checking and corrections.

Improve payroll, accounting and billing accuracy.

Job-based no-show alert holidays.

The latest version of MITC Telephone Timekeeping includes four major new security upgrades designed to improve the accuracy of data entered by employees.

  1. Employee Restrictions
    • Prevents employees who are only meant to use a biometric or Web Clock, from using telephone timekeeping
  1. Employee Job Restrictions
    • Restricts certain employees to only using certain job PINS while retaining the flexibility to allow other employees to use any available, active job PIN
  1. Job Activity Code Restrictions
    • Restricts the activities employees can use with certain job PINS while retaining the flexibility to allow employees to use any activity code with other job PINS
  2.  Job-Based No Show Alert Holidays

    • Extends Global No-Show Alert holiday to dates for each job
    • Automatically switches off no-show alerts for selected days by jobs
    • Retains the flexibility to switch off no-show alerts for ALL jobs by using Global No-Show Alert (for example Jan 1st) but use job-based dates (for example Dec 25) for  other dates