Improved Attendance Can Result From Advanced Employee Scheduling

Many organizations with multiple remote locations struggle to control overtime. It often seems that no matter how hard everyone tries, continual staff calloffs and turnover wreak havoc on the best-made plans. Overtime cannot be eliminated, but it can be reduced to a more manageable level. Many organizations enjoy much lower levels of overtime than similar organizations with the same staffing challenges.

A comprehensive solution has five major components:

  1. Organize Schedules
  2. Quickly Fill Open Positions
  3. Real-Time Time and Attendance
  4. Publish Schedules
  5. Centralize Scheduling

Using an advanced employee scheduling solution combined with automatic email reminders can address these issues and have a positive impact on attendance. Organizations are now sending out hundreds of automatic reminders to employees each day reminding them of their next shift. These reminders can include helpful work and customer service instructions.

For example, a regional security contractor in Pennsylvania is expanding their us of MITC Advanced Employee Scheduling to provide all managers with internet access to schedules. This will allow managers to respond quickly to call-offs and search schedules for suitable replacements from anywhere, at any time using their internet-enabled devices.

With MITC Advanced Employee Scheduling, your organization can:

  • Optimize workforce usage
  • Minimize overtime
  • Organize schedules
  • Select appropriate employee
  • Control unauthorized attendance
  • Reduce overlapping shifts