Client Timesheets for Tablets Announced

Eliminate the Costs and Risks of Client Paper Timesheets

MITC is pleased to announce a new release of MyMITC being developed for the entry of client piece and hourly work from tablets. The main features will be:

  • High speed data entry screen designed for use in a production environment
  • Timesheet entry and edit capability for supervisor by job
  • Track client, activity (step), start, end, units, and productivity
  • Supervisor review report
  • All other MyMITC reports and capabilities will be available

Basic requirements are quite simple and affordable:

  • Wireless internet connectivity to server
  • Robust tablet that can withstand being dropped – guide price under $200

“MITC is proud to announce this new release of MyMITC. It reinforces MITC’s commitment to developing affordable and practical solutions for agencies working with individuals with disabilities. The costs and risks of paper timesheets are well known, but it has been hard to find an effective solution for the environment in which client payroll is captured – in a manufacturing piece or hourly environment. The affordability of the new generation of tablets, the option to purchase a robust version at a reasonable price, increased battery duration, and the availability of wireless internet capability have combined to provide a new opportunity for agencies to eliminate paper timesheets for clients as well as staff.”

-John Graham, MITC CEO and Software Architect