Minimize the Risk of Audit Failure

Billing audits are becoming more frequent and more aggressive as regulators try to root out fraud and abuse in billing. Even where errors are accidental, they are highly embarrassing to an agency.

Using paper forms and the associated labor-intensive data entry, makes agencies vulnerable to audit problems if staff accidentally bill the same hours for the same consumer, bill for multiple consumers during the same date/time interval or forget to complete documentation. Detecting these errors is time consuming. Where staff work at remote locations such as group homes or individual’s homes, these problems are compounded and the risk of errors multiplied exponentially.

Agencies should be using time and attendance for staff and clients to track hours of service in real time. This eliminates billing errors and provide much greater visibility into hours of service across the agency.

Telephone timekeeping solutions provide a very affordable solution to track hours and units of service in supported living programs. There are no equipment costs. Hours by consumer and type of service provided can tracked easily and reliably and compared against the consumers plan of care to maximize authorized billing, minimize under billing, and control over billing outside the plan of care. In addition, the cost of servicing each consumer can readily be identified, making the application for greater funding easier and more compelling.

Using off-the-shelf tablets or infrared scanners designed for the retail environment provides a cost-effective way of achieving the same results in busy day programs where client attendance must be verified.

Irrespective of where the consumer is serviced, hours, units, and documentation are integrated into a single database, eliminating data entry and the risk of further transcription errors. With real-time data capture, agencies are able to track variances to budget and schedule on a daily basis. The greater visibility into agency operations provides a whole new way to manage an agency.

Eliminating reliance paper forms, data entry and traditional case management systems not only reduces the internal cost structure at an agency, it greatly minimizes the risk of audit failure and is proven to increase billing.